Press Release


We are talking today about one of the greatest business developers of all time.  We meet him at the Sandals Royal Bahamian at a cabana on the beach just before sunset.

What is amazing to this reporter is the relaxed look and down to earth attitude Brian Frank has.  We meet up with him in shorts, flowered shirt drinking out of a pineapple with the little umbrella stick out.  He gives us not a handshake but a hug.  I feel an amazing power of love and passion being in his presence.

Reporter:  Congratulations on building on of the most inspiring program that is out there today!

Brian:  Thanks, but I have to really congratulate all who have helped me understand this power we all have.

Reporter:  Tell me about the last 5 years.

Brian:  It has been exciting!  It is so fantastic when you find your passion! Now it was not all roses of course.  There was hard work involved, just not the hard work that everyone else thinks about.  The hardest part was the way I was thinking.  It was the cause of all my past failures and the cause of my current and future successes.

R: Tell me how you started this amazing process and why you are in the industry of helping others

B: I have wanted to run my own business, ever since I was a little boy.  It wasn’t until I was 40 years old when I realized I had to stop listening to everyone else tell me what I had to do and started to listen to what I wanted to do.  The first step was to find a reason again, it was something that was lost between the age of 20-40.  So twenty years of fumbling around doing nothing.  I found the MKMMA and everything changed!  I found a method to advance my purpose.  So I made it a goal that on March 1st 2014 I made 16000.00 per month through health and life insurance and was financially independent of others. I became a sales leader within the next 18 months.  With that I could now follow my passion of not only running my own business, but help others create a 200,000.00 per year or more income.  That is when I created my own personal/business development program.  I know that helping others would also help myself create an extra 200,000.00 per year.

R: Now you didn’t stop there, right?

B: No absolutely NOT! On Sept 1st 2017, I decided I needed to help out tens of thousands of people not just 20 or 30.  I rolled out this program to all agents and business.  It became so valuable for the content it delivered.  I look at it that I can help others make a 6-7 figure income and I make a 30000.00 per month from it.  To me it is a win-win.  So by helping others, I helped myself and get to follow my passion and it gives me the liberty to drive my dream car and live in my dream house.  What could be better.  I enjoy traveling the world doing presentations and seminars. I get to bring the family so they to can experience everything I get to.

R: Brian, this has been an amazing experience for me as well, thank you so much for your time.  It has be a real pleasure.

B:  Thank you, I am always happy to share with others what they have the power to become.



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