MKMMA Week 24 – Bootcamp for the mind

not the endNot the end of it

No this is not the end.  It really is just the start of the next chapter.  What I have learned from the last 6 months has been amazing.  I have finally found my direction. I can now see when I am in and out of harmony with the universe.  The lessons are invaluable.  When I notice I am out of harmony with universal, I can always go instantly to my self talk and recordings.  Without the guidance of Davene, Mark and Trish on the webinars I would have been lost.  It is a new world and I am in the center of it.


Today I control my destiny, and my destiny is to become the greatest salesman in the world!
I will become master of myself. I will become great.

I am the creator.  My dreams I know will happen through the service I give.  I have seen what that service can do in the last 6 weeks and it has been an eye opener. I will keep moving forward and keep moving on.

-Keep Moving Forward



3 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 24 – Bootcamp for the mind

  1. There was a LOT of growth in this 26 weeks,

    From the series Kung Fu (1973)…
    Master Po: “Will you walk with me, Grasshopper?
    Kwai Chang Cane: “Yes, Master. Master? The man to whom you spoke, Lee-You? Is he a confused one?”
    Master Po: “What is your view?”
    Kwai Chang Cane: “He is a beggar, like the rest. I can see he is greatly in need of food. But he does not eat.”
    Master Po: “He seeks to satisfy a stronger hunger.”
    Kwai Chang Cane: “He values what is worthless.” (Broken pieces of pottery, which Lee-You uses to decorate a monument he is making for a public area)
    Master Po:”To you, to me, perhaps. Not worthless to him.”.
    Kwai Chang Cane: “Bits and pieces that cannot be put back together.”
    Master Po: “Not to understand a man’s purpose does not make him confused.”

    And as the Master Lee said to Kwai Chang: “…Time for you to go…”

    I hope to read more from you soon…

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