MKMMA Week 20 – Bootcamp For The Mind

transparencyMy fight with fear

You can’t be truly successful without a mastermind group.  That is for sure!  I have a sales leader that is a big part of my mastermind.  I went to him on Tuesday to talk about the fear I have talking to businesses about my product.  He asked me where this fear was coming from.  I had to think about it, and what went through my mind was 2 answers.  First answer was to say “I don’t know why?”  Well that would have been a lie and it goes into question of SMART goals and “What am I pretending not to know?”  So the second answer was the only one left and it was really the correct one.  I am afraid of the rejection.  I explained that I have pounded on my head to get the perfect pitch and posture when walking into theses places and was getting more and more of the rejection.  He said something amazing to me.  “Brian, you have what it takes to be great in this business!”  “You need to be yourself because if you try to be something your not then everyone can see that you are being fake!”

So this is my big lesson this week.

  Fear hates transparency, it cannot survive in a place where people can see the real you.

I also found out what it takes to be a hedgehog.  It has made my decisions easy to make in regards to the action I need to take to be successful.

I am energy and attract the same type of energy to myself that I send out to others.

Keep Moving Forward



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