MKMMA Week 19 – Bootcamp for The Mind


YesTwo of the most important things I found out about myself this week.  It is the turning point of all that I have learned throughout the last 19 weeks (really 20 weeks).

1. I need to work harder on having a calm mind and spirit.

I am one who is always thinking about outcomes and possibilities.  What may or may not happen.  What tomorrow may or may not bring and why yesterday was good or bad.  It is a debilitating habit that I have and I am working on changing it.

And what then shall I do? Forgetting yesterday neither will I think of tomorrow. Why
should I throw now after maybe? – Og Mandino Scroll V

My mind at times moves at light speed, not always in a good way.  I start thinking about one thing and by the time I have caught myself, 20 other things have gone through my mind.  A quick shake of the head and a “What are you doing?” and I go back to refocus.  It is the sit, the meditation that I need to work on.  Not just 15 mins per day at night but 2-3 times per day.  When my mind is calm and at ease I work better, I listen more and offer better solutions to others.  Which in turns I sell more and make more.  If my mind is all over the place and unfocused the complete opposite happens!  I am not writing this to get down on myself but to hopefully  give others an insight if they are felling the same way.  I know when I am unfocused now in everything I do.  Prospecting, phone calling, sales calls and follow ups.  The difference in the way people react and respond to me is like night and day.  Consistency is also a big one.  I have had great sales and left clients home where they were so happy I helped them and then the next appointment I lost complete focus and failed miserably.   I could say it would have been nice to figure this out 15 weeks ago but I see it as figuring this out now instead of 40 years from now!  YES!!!

2. The confidence pose.

This has been an amazing transformation as well.  Instant confidence and the feeling lasts.  I am making this a part of my everyday schedule.  we have amazing minds and body.  They are both connected and I am so amazed that the body can control the mind!

-Keep Moving Forward



4 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 19 – Bootcamp for The Mind

  1. I love this Scroll we are on right now!! “Forgetting yesterday neither will I think of tomorrow. Why
    should I throw now after maybe?” …It really has impacted me in a very positive way.

    One of my favorite parts in this week 5 Scroll is, “This day I make the best day of my life. This day I drink every minute to it’s full. I savor its taste and give thanks. I maketh every hour count and each minute I trade only for something of value.”

    …What a GREAT week for both of us!!

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