MKMMA Week 13- Boot Camp For The Mind

Just Relax!!

relaxYes that is the lesson this week for me.  Relaxation one of the ‘Seven Laws Of The Mind’.  For the last 3 months (Wow 3 months!!),if I did not get something accomplished or missed a reading or even fell asleep while sitting for my 15 mins  I would feel like I did something wrong.  It was stressing me out and I was getting more and more agitated.  I was getting angry at myself and others for stupid stuff and really didn’t know why.   Last night I was getting ready for bed when the Seven laws of the mind paper that I have hanging on my wall drew my attention.  It was the law of relaxation to be exact.  I read it.

Law Of Relaxation

Mental effort defeats itself – Exactly the opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind, is the only doorway to progress mentally. Relaxation of thought is the only access to infinite intelligence


I know, I know,  we were told to read and study this.  Well, somethings, sometimes fall through the cracks.  Sorry, Mark 🙂 But, to understand this now instead of later is better than doing nothing at all.  This  law applies to every area of my life.  Parenting, goal setting, business, free time, bills, relationships, etc… When I sit and think my mind moves a light speed and one thought morphs into another, then another.  I can sit and block out all thoughts that is no problem, it is when a thought enters my mind that the relaxation part is an issue.  It is nice and comforting that I have another part of myself that I can work on.  I know that this relaxing part is a game changer.  I remember when I was in Kung-Fu and running a studio.  I would meditate daily and relax.  I felt so much more at ease with myself, had more confidence and saw my future with exactness.  (I saw that running studio was not my future ) :).  I needed to be back in the sales arena.  So I moved back to WI and started again.  With in a few years, I had bought a house, a new car, got married and was working a 65-70,000 a year job.  It was great, until I started to let the pressures get to me again.

But, now I found the answers again.  Now I get to move to a new level in my life and I am very excited.

-Keep Moving Forward



4 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 13- Boot Camp For The Mind

  1. Brian~I wouldn’t say that this fell between the cracks, you weren’t ready to take in truly what it said until this moment. Great job in taking that moment to accept the Law of Relaxation when you were truly ready for it.

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