MKMMA Week 12- Boot Camp For The Mind

Single Minded Focus

single minded focusSo I have 4 major goals I will accomplish in the next 5 years.  They re in my DMP and in everything else I read and listen to.  I struggle a bit with the visualizing, but getting better “Law of growth”.   I have been feeling like I was not focusing enough on anyone of the four goals I have.  It was hard to see being a sales leader before Making 10,000.00 per month.  Reading part twelve in the MKS this week taught be a big lesson, It was huge and it made all the difference in the world within.

6. But your ideal must be sharp, clear-cut, definite; to have one ideal today, another tomorrow, and a third next week, means to scatter your forces and accomplish nothing; your result will be a meaningless and chaotic combination of wasted material.

7. Unfortunately this is the result which many are securing, and the cause is self evident. If a sculptor started out with a piece of marble and a chisel and changed his ideal every fifteen minutes, what result could he expect? And why should you expect any different result in molding the greatest and most plastic of all substances, the only real substance?

It was the changing of my focus from one goal to the next and never really focusing on the first goal.  Without accomplishing that one, all the others fade into obscure hopes.  So this week I focused on the first goal in my POA.  10,000.00 per month and I have that securely in the mind and that is the focus.  Holding that single minded focus has increased my excitement and my confidence.  I can see the end product, I can see the money in my account and I can see the actual ways I can use it.   What a difference having a single minded focus can have!

-Keep Moving Forward



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