MKMMA Week 9- Boot Camp For the Mind

The Light

see the lightAfter last week when my eyes started to open to new possibilities due to focusing my thoughts, I am now able to attach the correct emotions to the thoughts.  My weekly service card has been getting completed without to much thought and I just received an award from my business for being the rookie agent in October.  I have met 2 milestones 6 weeks early and soon to hit my 3rd one 6 weeks early.  I already put my POA in action with a few pitfalls but that is just my old blueprint trying to make a comeback.

So I have seen the light.  Chapter 9 Line 28 says it best.

When a thought of anger, jealousy, fear or worry creeps in, just start your affirmation going. The way to fight darkness is with light — the way to fight cold is with heat — the way to overcome evils is with good. For myself, I never could find any help in denials. Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish. – Frederick Elias Andrews

This week I will post 2 times as this one is a little shorter than normal.

Keep Moving Forward



One thought on “MKMMA Week 9- Boot Camp For the Mind

  1. Short but Sweet post!…

    I agree with this quote by “Frederick Elias Andrews”. It’s pretty cool what happens when we start affirmation of “light”, “heat” & “good” verse their opposite.

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