MKMMA Week 7- Bootcamp for the Mind

clear mental pictureFocus-

That was the real finger poke between the eyes this week.  Focus on what you are going to be. So for 7 weeks we have read and read and observed and linked colors and shapes to our DMP, service cards. dream board, PPN and Plan of action.  Read the Greatest Salesman, Law of giving and the Master Key.  I understand why, it is a great way to impress on our sub conscience of the person we will become.  Week 5 came and went, Week 6 came and went, then week 7 came and things started to get a little mundane.  I created habits yes, but they started to lose meaning.  I read with emotion, but the emotion fell on deaf thoughts.

Today I was listening to Scroll 2 and closed my eyes and really listened to it.  It was hard to focus at times but I brought myself back to the words.  After, I looked at my dream board and wondered what was the matter, why was I not feeling the passion as much.  I brought my thoughts back to just minutes prior when I FOCUSED on Scroll 2.  I then thought about the lessons in the Master Key, DMP, Service cards and everything else we have.  It was all missing one thing…..

The Picture In My Head

I felt the emotion, the excitement but I was not associating that with a clear mental picture of it.  The picture of what I will be has been fuzzy at best.  I could see forward movement towards my DMP, but I could not see the finish line very clear.  That makes for a long a frustrating experience.  It allows the old blueprint to come back (simply because we know the outcome of it).  I finally saw the light click on.  I need…NO….I will see the finish line!  As I write this tonight I have made one thing clear.  When I read anything, do any exercise, write any blog, talk to anyone.  I will see myself as I have already crossed the finish line.  I will hold in my head the picture of the person I will become and act as if I have never thought any other way.  That was the missing puzzle piece for the last 7 weeks.

Visualization is the process of making mental images, and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge.

Make the image clear and clean-cut, hold it firmly in the mind and you will gradually and constantly bring the thing nearer to you. You can be what “you will to be.”

-Haanel – Master Key System   7-1 & 7-3

-Keep Moving Forward



4 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 7- Bootcamp for the Mind

  1. I agree that sometimes it does seem to become mundane and I appreciate your wisdom and sharing the solution of focus!! What we focus on grows! You ARE constantly bringing that thing nearer! Blessings to you as week 8 is nearly upon us, bringing us fresh insights and enthusiasm!

  2. I love your insight for this week! What a difference focusing and “seeing” what you will be! I can’t wait to hear the changes this one amazing reality will do in your life! Keep up the great work!!

  3. Hi Brian, Thanks. Part of my DMP is clear, I can smell, it touch it, I know it exists I just need to move towards it. Another part of my DMP is cloudy and it is the vehicle that takes me to achieve the parts that are clear. So back to the visualising, think I need to tweek my DMP. Once again Thank You.

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