MKMMA Week 4 – Bootcamp for the mind

“If it is a pleasure to perform, them we perform it often”

A slave to good habitsWeek 4 is soon over and it has been easier this week, the reading, the exercises and the blogging.

So there is really one moment that has punched me square in the face this week.  The point that I am programming my mind and it takes little steps to really make that happen.  So, here is the old blueprint….I needed to make the complete change today!!!! It needs to be perfect!!!!!  I cannot Fail but usually do!!!!! I will never give up until it gets to hard!!!!!

Ha, I look back and really kind of laugh at it.  OK, so here is the new blueprint that is evolving every week.  Start out with one positive change daily/weekly.  Create habits of a constructive positive nature.  Begin to consciously control my thoughts towards my purpose in life.  Make a connection with the world within!  Changing the cause NOT the effects!

I started working in health and life insurance a few months ago.  It took 2 months to get licensed and started to “work” the business 3 weeks ago.  At that time my old blueprint was in action.  I put my goals way to high.  Started to think of ways to short cut to the end results instead of honing my craft.  This week was the epiphany!  I created simpler goals in my business. More easily attainable goals.  Ones that I could reach and begin to create a habit of successes.   The same with my Service cards.  Instead of pulling weeds around the whole house or cleaning all the hardwood floors, I dropped it down to something easier, Bring the carpet to the garage and put the treadmill on it.  It was easy and I could celebrate it, because I was able to complete it in full!

So the old blueprint is fading and I can feel the new blueprint begin to anchor in my subby.


-Keep Moving Forward



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