Week 2-MKMMA Bootcamp for the mind

This week was just as tough as the end of last week.

https://themasterkeytoliverich.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/mkmma-pic.jpgHere is what I discovered through this experience.  Most of the time I can’t get past day 5 in anything I do, lose weight, quit smoking, etc..  I have also found that if I can get past day 14 to 21 it becomes so much easier!?! HA! how funny is that!.

In “The Greatest Salesman In The World” Og Mandino talks about reading the scrolls for 30 days three times per day.  To make it a habit.  To not lose one day because you will never get that day back.  I have lost so many days in my life and I see it more today.  This is not a negative thing but a very positive thing.  If you can’t see what you have become you can never change into what you want to be!  It really is that simple.

I could never see what I really was.  I was blinded by the scattered thinking.  I was not in harmony with my thoughts and the laws of nature.

It is a hard road to follow at times but I can also see the rewards.  My thoughts are changing for the better.  I not always waiting for the other show to drop.  I am reading my DMP with a stronger positive feeling and with more faith than I was before.  I am releasing my fears and replacing then with a more positive feeling.

The biggest lesson this week for me…..

I control my thoughts! I control what feelings  I attach to them.  It’s a different feeling when you see this truth.  I hope this is something my wife and family see.  I know that my wife is a little scared of the change, but I also know that it’s up to me to create my world without, and that starts from the world within.

-Keep Moving Forward



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